We have been asked many questions over the years and have found the following to be of vital importance to those starting out of the journey of planning a conference or event.

Could you please email me a quote for our awards ceremony or gala event?

We will gladly put a detailed proposal and budget together for you, however, we would first like the opportunity to meet with you (face to face, via skype or even telephonically) to establish your objectives for the event, and to get a more detailed brief from you.

Can you recommend venues, themes, entertainment, etc and give our event that “wow” factor?

Absolutely, as a professional team of organisers with a passion for creative event concepts, we will gladly create a proposal for you including all elements you require for your event to be a great success and a memorable occasion.

What is the budget and invoicing process?

Once a proposal and relevant budget have been approved, we will invoice for a deposit. Post event, we will do a full budget reconciliation for you and invoice the balance accordingly.

Are you accountable to us as a client on delivery of our event?

Yes we most certainly are! The proposal and budget are put together based on your detailed brief to us.

We will also advise you on all elements of your event/conference, to ensure they meet your expectations and are achieved within your budget.

We have a contract with you, which appoints us as your professional event organisers and we have a proven track record of successful delivery and accountability with all of our clients. Have a look at our testimonials to find out more!

How do we host a more sustainable/responsible event?

We will do it all for you. There are many opportunities and inspired ways in which to ensure your projects are managed in an environmentally friendly way.

We will discuss all these options with you and develop the plan best suited to your requirements.

This is a service we are qualified to offer you and it requires no extra input from yourselves, just the desire to be responsible is the key starting point.