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Sustainable event planning allows you to host the most successful events, in a socially and environmentally responsible way.

This is a cornerstone of our business ethics at Chocolate Orange Events, as we believe responsible, conscious attitudes and actions promise a better future for all. Not to mention the benefits of improved productivity, reductions in costs and the enhanced feel good factors as you can trust that your project is being implemented according to the highest and most up to date green standards.  

When planning your event we would consider the following key areas:

  • Initial benchmarks and goals for your event.
  • Purchasing: We have a number of preferred suppliers, who offer environmentally friendly products and are like minded in their commitment to greening your event.   
  • Energy: Sources and sustainable alternatives, such as locally produced Green Energy Certificates and bio-diesel generators.
  • Transport: We would predetermine the requirements and develop ways to reduce the carbon footprint generated.   
  • Water: We will look at the requirements, local sources and ultimately conservation of this precious resource.   
  • Waste: Reducing, re-using and recycling! We incorporate a full waste management programme at all of our events to ensure this is reduced as far as possible and managed responsibly.  
  • Marketing strategies and opportunities both prior to and post the event.  
  • Measuring sustainability performance, this can be calculated in the projected estimates, conducting a full audit and carbon footprint analysis and setting goals to further reduce the impact at future events.


  • Improved productivity.
  • Cost reductions and long term savings.
  • The feel good factor, you can be confident in the knowledge that you planned and implemented your project in the most responsible way possible.
  • Customer loyalty to your business or brand.
  • Education, of your staff and guests on your leadership in this capacity.


At Chocolate Orange Events, we are committed to reducing our daily carbon footprint. Some of the practical ways in which we ensure we achieve our goals include:

  • Paper, we only use recycled paper and we re-use each and every page before returning it to the recycling cycle.
  • We ensure all electricity consumption is managed, turning off all power daily and not leaving any equipment on stand-by. This has over the years impacted and reduced our monthly electricity consumption and expenses. 
  • We plan our calendars to minimise the amount of driving we have to do as individuals and as a company. Again this reduces our carbon footprint and in turn reduces our costs.
  • Wherever possible, we outsource to suppliers who have a similar commitment to sustainability.
  • We only buy eco-friendly and recycled products wherever possible, from the cleaning products we use to the organic milk in our tea and coffee!

And lastly, we live and learn on a daily basis. As sustainability is an ever changing landscape, we keep ourselves abreast of new developments by interacting with various industry leaders and taking advise from those who specialise in the field. This allows us to update our practices and continuously share the gained insights with our clients and suppliers.

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